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'Britney Jean' Review: Song by Song


Britney Jean is a masterpiece. There are songs that make you dance, make you want to call your bestfriend to hangout, and songs that make you want to just sit and cry. Britney has been recording Britney Jean for a little over a year, and all the reviews are phenomenal! From start to finish, everyone seems to love the more personal side to Britney.

So, let’s start.

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Who Wants to Hear Britney Jean?

fukkyeahbritneyspears will be posting all the songs, including the bonus tracks for you guys in the next few days.

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Most people know Chaotic from Britney’s reality show, Britney&Kevin’s Chaotic, with ex-husband Kevin Federline. The song is so much fun and I hope you guys enjoy it!

P.S.: I am taking requests on what you guys want to hear so just let me know in the ASK BITCH box on my page!

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ArtistBritney Spears
AlbumOne More Time: Unreleased, Rarities, and Remixes

trailerparknights asked: Hey, love your blog! Can you post the first version of She'll Never Be Me, if you have it? It's the unfinished one with different lyrics and vocals, I can't find it but have heard people talking about it in the past. Thanks!

Unfortunately, no, I do not have it.

The “first version” of She’ll Never Be Me only differs in 2 places in the song, during the second chorus, where she says “and the way you must feel/you got to be confused”, and at the end of the song, it is just extended. The first version is what many people call the pre-demo. The version almost everyone knows is the leaked album version. I’ve only heard the pre-demo one or two times, and unless you are listening very carefully, you wouldn’t even notice the difference.


christodisco asked: I just want to see Britney performing and showing everyone else how it's done and the new music is fierce and amazing and I want her to perform and promote to the general public and most importantly, she looks happy again and I want to see her perform outside Vegas.

It wont happen. Not until 2015. Her contract with Planet Hollywood is very strict, and rumor has it that if she even appears at certain events, she isn’t allowed to discuss her new music, only about the show itself.

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I just love this song, and I don’t even know why!

Trouble is an unreleased song from Circus. It was played during Britney’s For the Record documentary on MTV. The song is just so much fun. I love it!

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ArtistBritney Spears
AlbumOne More Time: Unreleased, Rarities, and Remixes

bestintheworldsethrollins asked: I doubt Britney would be on Chelsea Lately, just because of the reason Chelsea doesn't like her and keeps slamming her music on her show.

That’s what I was thinking as well, but many celebs that Chelsea slams on her show come on the show anyways. Take Miley Cyrus and Christina Aguilera for example. So, it all just depends.


christodisco asked: Wait, do you know if the rumored GMA and Kimmel appearances are just interviews or is she supposed to be performing. It is so frustrating because "Work B**ch" and "Perfume" should have been #1 and if she actually performed and KILLED IT like I know she can, that would have happened. The fact that she didn't even freaking perform at the American Music Awards fucking aggravated me. Her team needs to be fired because they are retarded. Madonna is 55 and she STILL performs and promotes why can't she

The rumored appearances are just interviews, no performances. She is not allowed to perform anything.

Her contract with Planet Hollywood with her Piece of Me show forbids her to perform anything from the new album, only because they know fans will pay extra to see her perform songs she has never performed before.

It’s a super smart move on Planet Hollywood’s part, but it is affecting her album and single sells. No promo for Britney except interviews, and even then it is still super hush hush with everthing.

Rumored ‘Piece of Me’ Setlist

Dear Lord, please let this be true! This would be an amazing concert! released a setlist someone working at the Planet Hollywood said was it. This is another setlist rumored to be circulating as well, and if you ask me, it sounds pretty amazing!

  1. Work Bitch
  2. Tik Tik Boom
  3. 3
  4. If U Seek Amy
  5. Body Ache
  6. Hold It Against Me
  7. …Baby One More Time
  8. Im A Slave 4 U
  9. I Wanna Go
  10. Passenger
  11. Breathe On Me
  12. Toxic
  13. Til It’s Gone
  14. Womanizer
  15. Perfume
  16. Alien
  17. Big Fat Bass/Scream & Shout
  18. Circus
  19. Till the World Ends
  20. Gimme More
  21. Piece of Me

What do you guys think? Like I said before, if this is the setlist, Im going to go ahead and buy tickets to another show. And yes, I already have tickets to opening weekend of Piece of Me (be jealous).

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christodisco asked: So I just want to say that I am a HUGE Britney fan and I truly am happy to have found your blog! I love it and am constantly checking it for updates! I was wondering if you know any information regarding the promo. for Britney Jean?

Aww! You’re so sweet! Thank you for loving the blog. I work really hard to make it amazing.

As for the promo for Britney Jean, the only performances that are scheduled are her Piece of Me shows in Las Vegas. On December 3, her welcoming celebration is taking place at the Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip. She will be at the event. Fans are welcome to attend. It is on a first come first serve basis for spots to be at the actual location.


Ellen - December 3, 2013

E! Exclusive: I Am Britney Jean - December 22, 2013


Good Morning America - Britney Jean Release Week

Chelsea Lately - Britney Jean Release Week

Saturday Night Live - December 14, 2013

Jimmy Kimmel - Britney Jean Release Week

If you ask me, Chelsea Lately and SNL are probably not going to happen. But the GMA and Jimmy Kimmel are a possibility. She has seemed to favor them both in previous album releases. We will have to see.

Im not sure if its just me, but Im excited to see her on Ellen. Whenever she is on Ellen, she acts so cute and goofy and is her normal self.

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Due to OVERWHELMING demand, I am posting the demo version of Alien, off of Britney Jean.

The song was written by Britney herself, and William Orbit. Some co-writers were also involved in the writing process; Dan Traynor, Ana Diaz, and Anthony Preston.

Produced by William Orbit, Anthony Preston, and HyGrade.

The demo is much less produced vocally than the Album version. The main difference is the beginning, when Britney begins sing. The demo is done in a fluid, continuing manner. The album version of the song is sharp and more robotic sounding.

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ArtistBritney Spears
TitleAlien (Demo)
AlbumBritney Jean

dieg asked: Can you post a list of all the Danja-produced songs and demos? Maybe you could do this for each producer? thanks!

My God! Danja has produced so many songs! That would take forever! But I guess I could try.. :P


sebasdelrey asked: Hey, can you please link me to the Alien demo? I can't find it anywhere! thanks :)

How about I one up you, and just post it on here? Yeah? No?

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Come and get it!

The Remembrance of Who I Am is a rough cut demo Britney recorded during the Original Doll/Can You Handle Mine era. Known to many fans as All That She Wants, it samples Ace of Base's ”All That She Wants" during the chorus, and is filled with diary entries during the verses.

Little is known about the song, other than it is written mainly by Britney herself. With the scrapping of Original Doll due to her marriage and pregnancies, all the songs slowly leaked.

This track in particular seems to hit hard, seeming to be the most personal of the tracks that were leaked during the era.

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ArtistBritney Spears
TitleThe Remembrance of Who I Am
AlbumOne More Time: Unreleased, Rarities, and Remixes